Cincy Fit Fest 2022 Swag

Every year, we raise fund to support local charities and individuals who embodies healthy living and fitness, yet are in need of support.

2022 is be dedicated to one of our coaches, who is 27 and was diagnosed with cancer, and is undergoing chemotherapy. We have already raised over $12,000 (learn more about Keith), and are looking to break through our goal!

About the Shirt Design

Keith's initials are KB, and in the fitness world that is the abbreviation for a kettlebell. The kettlebell is a hunk of iron, and is a tough and versatile tool that can harden any body and soul that trains with it. Keith, is a determined and tough individual, so the kettlebell is a great way to represent who he is.

The bulldog on the kettlebell is Atlas, Keith's bulldog, who like all of our furry friends is always there for you when you need them most.