Arm Assault (2-Day Biceps + Triceps Hypertrophy Program)

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There are two things that command respect in the
gym. Heavy ass barbell lifts, and a great set of
pipes. Develop some mega guns with this isolated
arm assault.

The program is straight forward.

You train arms twice per week, each workout consisting of six (6)
exercises, half for biceps and half for triceps. On the
first day of the week you will train for mass and
strength, playing with heavier loads that will
facilitate some ungodly gains.

On the second day, you will rise again to volumize your arms. This will
ensure lean, vascular, and sleeve-busting arms.

Be sure to take at least two days between training
days to allow adequate recovery. By adequate I
mean some, since you may find you are quite sore
when day two rolls around.