Functional Strength and Fitness - Vol. 1

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This eBook combines strength training with functional fitness to bring you a complete training program to address strength development, muscle hypertrophy, improved movement patterning and mobility, and enhanced aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Each workout includes warm up movements, plyometric/power training, strength and muscle hypertrophy segments, and high intensity conditioning finishers. The program is 4-weeks in length, and follows a 4-day per week workout schedule.

This program is a wide mixture of bodyweight, barbell, weightlifting, kettlebell, dumbbell, and functional movement training the can offer everyday and competitive athletes results.

The training program was developed to cover all necessary aspects of corrective fitness, unilateral training, and decrease injury risks from hard training; all while increasing strength, power, and burning body fat.

This is a perfect program for beginner lifters looking to break into the realm of serious fitness training, or for the competitive athlete/lifter looking to prioritize their overall health and fitness (movement, coming back from injury, getting athletically fit again) without sacrificing already developed strength and muscle.

Recommended Equipment

  • Barbell + Bumper Plates

  • Dumbbells

  • Kettlebells

  • Assault Bike 

  • Rower

  • Jump Rope

  • Slam Ball

  • Pull-Up Bar

***You can always modify workouts that use equipment you don't have access .***

Sample Workout

Below is a sample day from the program. Every workout is designed to be completed in 60 minutes OR LESS.

Warm Up (3 Rounds - 10 Minutes)

  • Kang Squat x 5 (with empty barbell on back)

  • Scapular Push Up x 10

  • Deep Diaphragm Breathing (lying on back) x 20

Strength + Power (4 Rounds - 10 Minutes)

  • Seated Box Jump x 5

  • Plyometric Push Up x 5

Strength + Muscle Gain (4 Rounds - 20 Minutes)

  • Barbell Incline Bench Press x 8, as heavy as possible

  • Lateral Lunge x 8 per leg, for quality and depth

Metabolic Conditioning (12 Minute EMOM)

  • Minute 1 - Dumbbell Hammer Curl x MAX reps (choose a light to moderate weight)

  • Minute 2 - Close Grip Push Up x MAX reps

  • Minute 3 - Double/Single Unders (Jump Rope) x MAX reps

  • Minute 4 - REST

  • Repeat 3 more times