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This program is perfect for an Olympic weightlifter who is looking to PR or prepare for a meet or for anyone who wants to develop raw power and strength and have a physique to match!

This is a 20-week Weightlifting and Bodybuilding training program that takes you from a foundational hypertrophy and strength phase (10 weeks) into a complete Olympic weightlifting competition-style training program and meet/PR cycle to end the program. 

What You're Getting With Look Like You Lift?

Building serious muscle mass, strength, and power takes a plan. LLYL is a phasic program that progresses you from one stage to the next in a systematic and scientific manner, with each phase developing the skills and requirements for the next.

  • The Most Comprehensive Workout Program for Your Goals

One program that includes everything you need to improve your technique, muscle growth, and strength. All workouts are delivered to you through a modern mobile app, with additional coaching resources all sent to you to get you set up and training!

  • Video Technique Analysis (BONUS $150 Value)

Unlike other programs, you have full access to get feedback on your form and technique. With all LLYL programs, you will be sent an access code to join our exclusive coaching feedback app where you can upload videos of your lifts, make notes, and get detailed feedback from LLYL coaches!

  • Coach Support and Messaging (BONUS $200 Value)

You'll have full access to ask your coaches questions on training protocols, diet tips, and more within the training app. All messaging and leaderboards are yours to access 24/7, as our coaches are prepared and ready to help you out!

  • 1-Year Membership Access

You have full access to the training programs and coaching support for a full year!